Why is it when we have some downtime we seem to get ill?

Im currently off my day job for 2 weeks holiday and this will be the first time I have been well.

Normally at holidays I always end up with man flu, colds, conjunctivitis and anything else thats going…

Obviously man flu is x10 worse than the regular flu.

Every holiday period I used to look forward to smashing the gym and training x2 a day, eating better and going back to work like a fitness cover model.

Needless to say I always ended up eating rubbish, gaining weight and looking more like Quasimodo.

All my good plans just never materialised.

You see my body was telling me STOP, slow down, I need a rest.

When it’s all work and no play your body holds on to the stress, and a sure fire sign of too much stress is illness.

I used to be all work, work, work and my job was certainly stressful with all the demands.

I had trouble switching off and would always take work home with me, not always literally but mentally.

It would be at the back of my mind, wondering about this and that and then added to poor nutrition, overtraining and lack of sleep BOOM.

Was it any wonder that as soon as I had time off and slowed down I got ill?

Getting fit and healthy is not just about smashing the gym or doing more exercise, its about so much more.

Its about rest, relaxation, sleep, good nutrition and then exercise.

I actually met with a coach who helped me realise that I was struggling to let go of work.

It was like a light bulb going off, I was living to work instead of working to live.

What made it worse was that I was working for an organisation that didn’t really care as much as I did.

I used to get work emails and calls to my phone and would answer them even at evenings and weekends.

I deleted my work emails to my phone and stopped taking calls, guess what?

Whatever the email or call was about could wait, I started putting my family first and saying NO.

I started letting go of work and started feeling less stressed, more focused and happier.

When our bodies are stressed we hold onto body fat, we get unwell and crave poor nutrition choices.

So how can we manage the stress of life better?

Take time out, spend less time connected to our stress and more time connected to the things we love.

It shouldn’t be about waiting till the weekend or holidays to unwind and relax, build in some time for YOU during the week.

Get out the house and visit family, friends.

Go for a walk with your partner.

Watch a movie, read a book.

Basically do what YOU love doing more, and what YOU hate less.

Robert “Woosa” Clarkson