Hope you had a great weekend, did you go OUT?

I was out but I certainly wasn’t OUT OUT.

You see back in the day I used to go OUT OUT.

Yep it was go hard or go home, I used to kick the arse truly out of it every single weekend and sometimes through midweek.

We had a saying to each other…

Are you going out?

Or are you going OUT OUT?

The latter meaning it was gonna be like something from the hangover movies.

And every single week I would say never again.

Come Friday BOOM I was OUT OUT again, and some crazy shit always happened.

I always seemed to make a total arse of myself when I was drunk, had a 5 day hangover and the fear until the next weekend.

I have woken up miles from home with no shoes, 1 eyebrow and no money (before mobile phones).

Had a bit of a tough time explaining to my boss what happened to my eyebrow and even worse my Mum.

Every weekend there was something else just as bad but one of the worst was at a good friends wedding, I got total smashed and spewed on the dance floor.

Jeez I’m embarrassed even writing this, it was just before the first dance and I had overindulged all day, decided to get up on the dance floor and strut my stuff.

Jumping about like a madman on the dance floor MYSELF and SPEW.

Yep probably ruined more than a few peoples day all because of the booze.

Next weekend I was OUT OUT again, some other drama and fuck up.

Basically every major situation I found myself in could be traced back to being pissed.

I was like Frank The Tank from Old Skool I would just go crazy and couldn’t control myself, the hangovers would last for days.

I had certainly put on weight, alcohol is the only anti-nutrient meaning its like drinking pure body fat, and the next day I would go eat enough to feed a small nation.

Obviously I was feeling pretty shit about myself so to feel better I would go OUT OUT again.

Looking back I was probably trying to escape my problems and just couldn’t get off the merry go round.

I came pretty close to losing everything more than once through binge drinking, and was at my lowest point.

Something had to change…

I’m not anti alcohol or even teetotal, because no good story ever started with munching lettuce.

But I am anti binge drinking, I no longer go OUT OUT (much to the dismay of my friends).

Frank The Tank still tries to come out every now and again, but I know the consequences and the price I could pay.

It wasn’t easy changing the habits of a lifetime, especially when friends and family are still going OUT OUT (tell you about them laters).

It is THE BEST decision I have ever made.

Overindulging in Alcohol is probably the single biggest risk to your health, fitness and wellbeing.

Limiting your alcohol doesn’t have to be boring and involve staying in, socialising should not just be about binge drinking.

This week I will tell you some things I do to keep me amused and still have fun.

Robert “IN IN” Clarkson

P.S. Send your recipes in to robert@reactivetraining.co.uk