Have you been watching Game of Thrones?

A world of knights, dragons, love, honour and battles for the throne.

Twists you never expect, and leaving you screaming at the TV cursing with impatience for the next instalment.

Bit like Reactive Training.

We have love (for our reactive family), honour a scary dragon (Maria), a king (Robert), lots of twists you never expect and we certainly have you cursing and screaming about the next episode.

Safe to say the last few weeks have been more like a Game of Moans at Reactive HQ…

I was feeling sorry for myself, results had been poor, nutrition not so good and was stuck in a vicious circle.

How you FEEL is a habit, and it is also contagious.

Surround yourself with negativity and you are only ever going to feel 1 way.

But today is a NEW day and change is upon us.

It only takes a second to turn things around…

That second when you decide that enough is enough.


Today is that day, for me.

Back on track, back on my journey to feeling and looking my best.

I was up early…

Out walking in the park, for some fresh air, to be more active and to FEEL better.

A total stranger walked by and smiled and said hello, guess what?

It was contagious, I smiled back said hello and felt good.

I never walked that far, was only about 6,000 steps but I feel great, and after a week those 6,000 will be 42,000 just from walking in the park.

I feel great because Ive started, Ive made the decision to take action and change and so can YOU.

This week is the end of our current training camps and the following week sees the start of 2 brand new training camps.

Yep 2 NEW camps, the kingdom is expanding.

This is your chance to work with us at Reactive Training, to join our Training camp and start your journey.

We have our new Morning Camp starting on Tuesday 29th April: Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 07.15-08.00

We have our Tough Mothers Camp starting on Monday 28th April: Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 10.00-10.45

We have our Evening Camp starting on Monday 28th April: Every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 18.30-19.15

All classes have an additional bonus session every Saturday 10.00-11.00 in the Park.

We have some limited spaces on each camp so if you want to grab the chance to work with us this is your moment.

Take action and get started, no one ever regret’s starting their journey, only that they never started it sooner 😉

Contact me on robert@reactivetraining.co.uk to secure your spot.

Robert “King” Clarkson