Ive had an awesome few days but…

I feel off track, not as good or as motivated or as happy as last week.

Yep even I can have bad days, and when I feel like this guess what?

Emotional Eating kicks in BIG TIME

I want to eat chocolate, Im actually craving a Galaxy caramel as Im writing this…

So what caused me to fall off the wagon, to get pissed off, throw my toys out the pram?

Truth is, nothing major, no big fall out or family crisis.

But… I don’t feel my normal self and this happens, every now and again we seem to go against what we are trying to achieve.

Will I have the Galaxy? Who knows ill let you know next blog.

The real question is why do I want the Galaxy?

Comfort, you see sweet food is what we associate with safety and comfort.

Fall and bump your knee as a kid, don’t worry have a lollipop.

Nobody feels like shit and says think ill go munch on that broccoli, nope we are conditioned to associate the sweet stuff with comfort and safety.

So maybe we don’t actually want the chocolate bar?

Im still swaying either way but… If I do go buy that Galaxy caramel I won’t give myself a hard time.

I won’t give up on my nutrition because of 1 slip up.

If you suddenly got a flat tyre you wouldn’t go stab the other 3 would YOU?

Nope you change the tyre and restart your journey, still with the same destination in mind.

Yep you might get there later than expected but YOU will still get there.

So yeah we all have bad days, but it doesn’t have to be a bad week or even a bad month you can restart and continue your journey no matter what the slip up.

Keep in mind what YOU want to achieve and start to BELIEVE.


P.S. Ill let you know how you can keep on track next blog, and if I caved with the chocolate 😉