You thought of the pink elephant didn’t you?

You see as soon as we are told not to do something we automatically wan’t to do it more.

It’s the same as being told your not allowed a certain food, all of a sudden you can’t stop thinking about it.

I joined the Army when I left school, yep spotty 17 year old sent down to Reading with just my backpack and bravado.

Within the first day we where soon shown who was boss, the Sergeant informed us that we would be allowed 1 can of juice, 1 chocolate bar and 1 packet of crisps a week.

Not only that but everything must be finished within our 30 min trip to the NAFFI (the shop & recreation club) including our phone call home to Mummy.

Before I joined I was lucky if I had 1 chocolate bar a month, all of a sudden I wanted to eat loads of chocolate bars, crisps and cans of fizzy juice.

When we deprive or ban certain foods WE WANT THEM EVEN MORE, it’s human nature.

So what did I do? Yep I went to the shop bought several bags of crisps, chocolate and juice thinking no one would ever know.

What happened next didn’t exactly get my Army career off to a great start, marching back home as a group (over 40 in our platoon) the Sergeant stops us outside the accommodation block.

“Right you horrible lot open up your bags for inspection”

1 by 1 they checked everyones bags for any contraband, to say I was shitting myself was an understatement.

They finally get to me with my bag full of monster munch, chocolate and fizzy juice…



No joke I’m sitting here laughing now but I seriously thought I was going to military prison for buying monster munch.

Needless to say I gave it my best attempt, think I managed 2 packets of monster munch, a chocolate bar and a can of diet coke, which is probably some sort of record.

(If anyone thinks they can beat my record of 60 secs ill give them a free personal training session)

The rest was confiscated and I was given a warning and told they would be keeping a special eye on me, great start Robert.

So with our lifelong nutrition NOTHING is banned, only limited.

We can have absolutely anything within moderation, remember we are not on a DIET.

Think about the way you are eating right NOW?

Can you see yourself eating the same way in a years time?

If NOT then you are probably still in the diet frame of mind, and need to make some adjustments.

I try to live by the 80/20 rule in that 80% of the time I have good nutritious foods and the other 20% of the time I can relax and enjoy my monster munch (JOKES).

NOTE: If you have more than a few stone to lose then try to aim for 90/10 for best results, when you get to a healthy weight the rules can be relaxed.

Robert “PRIVATE” Clarkson

P.S. Want to know which supplements you should be taking then check out my next blog?