Hiya, It’s Maria 😉

Don’t know about you but I just love dancing!

I have a dance for just about anything you can think of…

from washing the dishes to hoovering the car to watching TV!!

and guess what….its the same little dance haha

I often get asked “Why do you dance all the time?”

Well its simple, I love music and dancing, I always have done ever since I was a little girl and it makes me feel HAPPY 😀

One of my lifelong dreams was to be a professional dancer on stage …

I say was as I have other dreams being turned into reality at the moment 😀

But I still dream.

The thing is I dance for ME…no one else…

I do it because I want to and it makes me feel good.

The same goes for my wanting to be strong and fit and healthy…

I do it because I want to and it makes me feel… and look… amazing!!

Seeing everyone at Reactive Training achieving their goals and changing their lives for the better makes me really happy and yes…

It makes me dance about like a nutter!!!

When you come to the class then you’ll know what I’m on about 😀

Even when I was fat and chubby I still loved to dance and i was happy…

But only when I was Out Out…referring back to Roberts post on his out out days .

I too would run away from my unhappiness and depressing life and the fact that I was fat.

I ran straight for the make up and high heels, in the taxi and hit the town

I basically drank myself into oblivion (of course I had the best nights in the clubs dancing to my hearts content)

Only I wish I could remember them 🙁

All that alcohol just added to the chub, making me even more depressed and in turn encouraging the drink more and more. Its a vicious cycle 🙁

These days, yeah I still like a good drink and night in the town but not even half as much as I used to.

Id much rather a nice trip to a restaurant, eating some decent food, glass or 2 of wine, and a catch up with some good friends and family 😀

I can’t handle 2/3 day hangovers anymore…especially not now with 2 young kids…oh god I can feel the headache just sitting here 🙁

Ive learned to go and enjoy myself, dancing all night long, have a few drinks (not bottles) and staying as healthy as possible.

In all honesty I’m glad I’ve changed…the flashbacks I get from the old days…

Jeez I cringe… terrible behaviour…

Now I’ve given myself that much needed boot up the backside.

I’m on the road to where I want to be if I ever get there 😀

You can do the same

Get onboard your journey to happiness and Dance in the Rain!!

See ya soon

Maria xxx