Guess who’s back?

Yep the boss is back and today we are going to look at the effect running / jogging can have on your weight loss results.

One of the problems I seem to keep having with my ATHLETES (see what I did there) once they get started is raining them in and stoping them from doing too much, especially more classes.

We start eating better, moving better and we start to feel better, all of a sudden we are losing weight but…

We want to be 2,3 or even 4 dress sizes smaller YESTERDAY, so lets go out for a jog, a run, or do a class thats what everybody seems to do?

I might even wear a bin bag under my clothes for added effect (doesn’t work BTW).

Firstly you need to decide what your goal is?

If you plan to run a 10k, 1/2 Marathon or even a full Marathon then yep you will have to do some running at some point (not as much as you might think).

However if your goal is weight loss and looking better naked then you need to stop the jogging and slow continuous cardio training.


When we run at a moderate intensity (aerobically) we put unwanted stress on the body and condition ourself to use our carbohydrate stores, we become fuel efficient and as such our body starts to store more fuel aka: fat.

Yep by doing more aerobic exercise you can get FAT and believe it or not there is actually a name for this, it’s called Chunky Fat Aerobic Syndrome.

Do you ever see some of the instructors that teach like 20 classes a week and they don’t look in the best of shape?

Too much CARDIO (aerobic activity).

Damn I hear you say, Ive been doing it all wrong and thought doing more classes would help me in time for bikini season.

So what should you do?

1. Low intensity activities like walking or playing with the kids for at least an hour each day or 10,000 steps, that’s why everyone at Reactive Training has their very own Fitbit to monitor their daily steps and activity.

2. Alongside the low intensity every now and again some maximal high intensity work, so instead of that hour long jog or run around the park, do a quick 10-15 mins consisting of sprints.

Sprint you say?

Yes run as hard and as fast as you can for 10-20 seconds and then walk until you get your breath back, repeat 5-10 times and job done.

3. Lift heavy things a couple of times each week, weights are good but you can use your own body weight or stuff you have around the house.

At Reactive we use all 3 methods of low intensity walking, resistance training and maximal high intensity intervals to burn the body fat away, combine it with the nutritional support and we have a winning formula.

So the next time you think of doing an extra class or going for a run around the park, think again and ask yourself do I NEED more cardio?


Robert “Not Chunky” Clarkson

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