Not so long ago, I was overweight staying with my parents and having everything done for me.

What’s so wrong with that you ask?

Well a 30+ year old man staying with his parents just wasn’t fun, and I was spoiled with my meals.

Every single meal was made for me, and unfortunately my Mothers idea of healthy eating differed from mine.

Occasionally I would have to make the odd meal which consisted of beans on toast or pasta.

I always thought cooking anything healthy was beyond my culinary skills, and was basically in an unhealthy routine.

What changed?

Moving out and fleeing the nest certainly helped ha ha, but in all seriousness what changed was me actually giving it a go.

Yep I bought a few cookbooks, spoke to friends and got ideas and basically experimented.

More than a few meals ended up in the bin, but I got better at cooking and with some meals I actually surprised myself.

So here is the deal, Im going to set you a little task for the next few weeks.

To experiment and make 1 new meal / dish each week for the next 4 weeks.

What have you got to lose?

Within a month you will have 4 brand new meals to add to your current repertoire, and with more variety you wont get bored as easily.

You can even share your attempts on our Face book page REACTIVE TRAINING and we will also post some recipe ideas up for you to try.

3-2-1 Start Cooking.

Robert “Master Chef” Clarkson