Uma cerveja, por favor followed by…

Olut mulle, kiitos

So I’ve just paid off both my trips to Rio for the world cup and Finland to see Ido Portal.

Together with moving flats this week the bank of Robert is in a triple dip recession.

Both trips are technically work, as I will be seeing world class coaching for both football and movement 😉

I remember my first lads holiday to good old Magaluf think it cost about £200.

And another £200 for spending money, which equated to 10,000 pesetas or so at the time.

Back then so many pesetas was like being a millionaire.

It was literally so cheap for food, drink and clubs, you struggled to spend it all.

We would buy total strangers drinks, bet crazy amounts at pool and even tip the barmaids :p

2 weeks of mayhem, drinking day and night non stop…

I remember getting that pissed I woke up in Linekers which was a bar miles from our apartments with no shoes.

Had to walk home about 5 miles in my bear feet.

Another night my mate didn’t come home, we assumed he had got lucky…

Chap on the door in the morning and he is stood there with just his shorts on.

No watch, no shoes, no shirt and to top it off…

Whoever robbed him had stuck a big blob of chewing gum in his hair ha ha (why do we find our friend misery so funny?)

Few nights later someone decided to steal one of my eyebrows (not so funny).

Every day and night was another crazy story, drinking ourselves into more trouble.

I remember having to get a line from the doctor on my return as I was too ill to go back to work.

I needed a holiday from my holiday 🙁

Honestly don’t know how I managed to do it for 2 weeks every year back in the day.

Seriously would not thank you for that type of holiday now, don’t get me wrong I like to let my hair down (not that ive got much these days).

My last few trips have all involved some sort of work or social activity around the holiday, as opposed to just getting pished.

Skiing at New Year, Mastermind in Portugal, World Cup this summer, Workshop in Finland and hopefully something else towards the end of the year.

What im saying is that going on holiday doesn’t have to be about escaping reality by getting pissed for 2 weeks.

Then you have the extreme holiday blues when it’s time to face the music on your return.

Try something new, include some activities or sightseeing or relax and unwind and give your body and mind the chance to rest.

Recovery is important and we all work hard for our holidays, so use them wisely 😉

We are thinking of running another Reactive Residential Trip you can see the last one here:

Basically a weekend hanging out with #TeamReactive loads of fun activities like climbing, hill walking, kayaking, dragon boats, mountain biking, bootcamp classes, Reactive BBQ, Team games

We might even have a beer 😉

It’s not designed for the super fit, it’s for anyone who fancies something different.

We need a minimum of 10 people interested, the cost would be around £200-£250 including transport, 2 nights accommodation, food and activities (banter is FREE)

Thinking around the end of August / September time so If your interested drop me a message at

Robert “2 Beers Please” Clarkson

P.S. Watch the video of the last residential it’s awesome