Maria here, so you wanna here my story well here goes…

Il keep it short and sweet…

It all started after I had my second girl, who’s now 2. I was doing the same thing day in day out, stuck in the same boring routine. Don’t get me wrong I loved being a stay at home mum but there was something missing.

So I knew a girl who used to attend an outdoor fitness class 3 times a week, Bootcamp, and I thought id go along and try it out, primarily to get me out of the house for an hour and socialise and meet some new friends, wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in the fitness stuff.

As Robert said I was a moany bitch, think I maybe done 2 exercises the whole session, hated every second of it. Only bit I did enjoy was at the end getting a blether with the other girls that were there.

But funnily enough, even though I hated it, I went back! I still never worked hard and again moaned the whole session, and the next session after that and the next after that.

It wasn’t until after about 6 weeks that I actually started to enjoy it, I was actually starting to work hard and put some effort into the workout. The harder I worked the better I felt, the more I felt better, the more I wanted to feel it!!

4 months on from that I was bagging up clothes that didn’t fit me, at least a bag a week! Spent a good few quid on some new smaller clothes but they were worth every penny!! I was even borrowing clothes off my younger sister!!!

So I then signed up for a block of personal training with Robert. I enjoyed the bootcamp that much that I wanted to work even harder!! After 10 weeks of doing the PT and the 5/6 months of bootcamp I had dropped 3 whole dress sizes (14-8), I had lost about 15% body fat and 3 stone in weight.

My weight actually had started to increase with the muscle gained 🙂

Achieving these results has encouraged me to stay focused and continue on with the bootcamp classes with the odd pt here and there, of course I do slip up and have my off days but I’m human just like you.

Last week I completed my Personal Trainer qualifications and I am now part of the Reactive coaching team (who would have ever thought it).

I  can’t wait to get started, so if you want to get in touch or ask me anything then please feel free to email me (yep Robert has even given me my own email address) maria@reactivetraining.co.uk

What I do know is that getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or boring or mundane, its CHALLENGING and its TOUGH, but its WORTH it!! I can run around the park with my girls like a young mum should be able to!! My kids enjoy my company because I am HAPPIER.

This could be you! That first step is the hardest…take it! God only knows where id be today if I didn’t take that first step!

Anyhoo, a little short story on the life of Me myself and I, stay tuned for more.

Mia x