If you woke up tomorrow and forgot your age (happens to me all the time) what age would you be?

Basically what age do you feel?

We have a special high tech gizmo we use with our personal training clients that works out your physiological age.

Cool eh?

Not so cool when your in your late 40’s and it’s telling you, you have the body of a 70 year old woman 🙁

They say your only as old as you feel…

Well I’m pretty sure we don’t want to feel older than we actually are.

Mentally I feel like a spotty teenager but sometimes physically I feel like a geriatric.

However when I am in the zone with training, nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight I feel younger than my 30+ years :p

The older we get the more important it is to look after our bodies, they just cant take the same abuse.

I remember being able to go days with little sleep (ill tell you about the time I was awake for 48 hrs straight laters), drink 2/3 nights on the trott and eat takeaways every week.

Believe it or not when I was younger this was a normal week and I was slim, fit and toned.

Yep I was pretty lucky in that I could get away with being unhealthy and still look pretty buff :p

Wow those where the days, no good story starts with eating salad and drinking water :p

The good times don’t last for ever, it eventually catches up.

Jeez 1 night on the sauce these days and Iv’e a hangover lasting a week, drive past McDonalds and I put on weight and if I dont get my 8hrs sleep…

Lets just say crabit is an understatement.

So what happened?

Why can’t we be young forever?

As we get older our metabolism changes, we continue to live the same way and instead of burning the calories we store them as fat.

We also start to feel sluggish and horrible, it takes our body longer to recover as the years have taken it’s toll on our health.

SHIT are we destined to a life of water and lettuce V Fat and feeling shit?

Lucky for you NO, you can still have fun and enjoy yourself but it’s important to get healthy first.

If you feel older than your current age then you can pretty much guarantee you are UNHEALTHY.

If you went to the Doctor and he told you that your life expectancy was not good that you were going to die young what would you think?

Not getting to see the kids grow up, missing your kids wedding, grandkids being born…

Pretty scary eh?

I hate being the bearer of bad news but being overweight puts you at a raised risk of health problems such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Now putting it all into perspective, is all those night outs and takeaways worth it?

Your health should come first, the booze, takeaways and everything else will still be there when you become healthy.

Rather than putting off till next week or next month start today, while you still can.

It’s never too late to start, no matter how unfit, unhealthy and overweight you are just now by taking action it can only get better.

At the end of the month we will be running a workshop on nutrition, it’s open to everyone and a great way to come along and start your journey.

We also have a few spaces available for our morning camp, will share this week why working out early can really improve your results.

Robert “Forever 21” Clarkson