Do you ever just feel totally stressed with so many things going on…

Your brain gets fuzzy and you cant even remember how old you are?

I’ve got a memory like a goldfish without any added stress

I’ve got a memory like a goldfish without any added stress :p

Stress comes from everything we do and we have good and bad stress (yep you can get good stress)

But too much stress can cause some serious problems, hamper results, affect our moods and choices.

I like to think of stress like a bucket being filled.

The more we do to add to the stress the fuller the bucket gets.

Lack of sleep (recovery)

Poor food choices


Relationship problems

Moving house

New job

Illness to you or family


Running late

Alcohol binging

All add to the bucket, what happens when the bucket starts to overfill?

Something’s got to give, and BOOM you end up injured, unwell, depressed or ready for a breakdown.

Your body normally let’s you know, we have tell tale signs.

Kind like a game of poker when you can tell if someones bluffing, they twitch or scratch.

My sign is my skin gets bad, and my left eye starts to go red and strain.

That’s why when your ill (a good sign your body is stressed) it makes sense to scale back your exercise.

You can’t go all out doing high intensity work with resistance training and expect to recover when your ill.

I was dying last week, had the man flu my voice had almost gone, jaggy throat.

I just took the week off from my training, really focused on my nutrition and sleep and within a week BOOM

Man Flu gone, thats a record for me, and less stress in my bucket.


This week I have put another huge hole in my bucket by provisionally securing a new flat.

Yep it’s been my biggest stressor for the last few months, and now got a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s taken me ages and think I have viewed at least 20 properties, seen a few I loved and missed out as others beat me to the chase.

I was disheartened, (the thought of moving back to the folks was scary).

Estate agents letting you down time after time, cancelling appointments I had taken time out my day for.

I even had submitted paperwork and paid a deposit to be told someone else had already beat me to it.

Consistency to keep chipping away, keep looking each day, keep viewing until eventually something comes up.

The stress was still there over the months while I was chipping away, it takes time just like losing weight.

Manage your stress, keep chipping away and be CONSISTENT it WILL CHANGE 😉

There is always a solution listen to this song all the way through.

Do you hear solutions or excuses?

Robert “There’s A Hole In My Bucket” Clarkson

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