Happy Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend.

Some breaking news, my wonderful mother has discovered the cure for the obesity crisis.

Just last week while visiting, the topic of weight loss came up, and she say’s

“Why don’t they just take the SPEED stuff and do the housework”

I thought I had misheard what was said, but NO apparently the talk in the bingo is about how woman are popping speed balls to lose weight and do the house work.

I then started thinking my Mum’s house was looking a bit more sparkly than normal, and she was starting to sound a little like spud from trainspotting?

She did however reassure me that, she didn’t even know what speed was or that it was a drug that can seriously impact your health.

Also this week I was asked to get involved with a supplement that can reset your metabolism, helping you to burn fat and improve health (REALLY).

Basically a magic pill (drug) and a magic supplement being promoted in the same week got me thinking that this is the norm for most people.

We are constantly looking for that quick fix and result, but never consider the cost?

If a simple magic pill or supplement existed that could get you amazing results and improve your health, don’t you think it would be widely used by the health profession to tackle the obesity problems?

The truth is there are no shortcuts to health, we convince ourselves that being healthy is difficult, its NOT.

We believe that this pill can fix all our problems and make us feel wonderful, it CAN’T.

Im not disputing that some supplements and even drugs can get short term results, Im asking what are the costs?

What are the side effects?

What are the health implications?

What are the financial implications?

What is the long term results?

Please if your thinking of jumping on the bandwagon of any of the so called weight-loss miracle products then please do your homework.

What will it cost YOU?

Hopefully your starting to realise that to feel happier you already have all the answers and skills, and that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

“If you want things in YOUR life to change, you have to change things in YOUR life”

Eat Smarter

Move Better

Sleep Well



Have FUN


Remember your body is for life, the more you look after it, the more it will look after YOU.