Yo Yo Yo It’s Friday Bitches :p

What we all got planned for the weekend ahead?

Last Friday I went for dinner and then on to the Carnival

Love that word, just makes me think of Rio (did I tell you I’m going to Rio?)

Anyways back to the Carnival me and the wee barra (my 11 year old daughter) on all the rides.

Total changed days from the last time.

I took her to the Irn Bru Carnival and she was a bit scared of all the rides.

I’m pretty pushy when it comes to trying stuff, always encouraging her to try before she decided she doesn’t like something.

So we find a ride that looks pretty child safe, measure up against the line and she is tall enough.

Dad does it go FAST?

NO NO NO it’s slow for kids

Does it go upside down?

Of course not it’s just for little kids like you.

JEEZ what followed was the longest 3 minutes of my life have you ever seen the video of the kid almost falling out the roller coaster?

You have to watch the video

We get in the ride and 2 young girls are in next to us, its a 4 seater spinny ride.

It was like a rocket ship taking off and she SCREAMED the loudest and scariest I had ever heard.

It was not screams of joy, but pure terror.



Honestly I was starting to freak out while being spun at the speed of light, the 2 young girls where trying to console her and stop her.

Then the thing starts to turn upside down.

I was nearly screaming myself.

The music was that loud that the attendant couldn’t hear a thing, she started to slide out just like the kid in the video.

Obviously this made her scream and cry even more, all I could think was her Mum’s gonna kill me when she finds out.

By now the 2 young girls are crying it was horrendous, im trying to bear hug the 3 of them and just shut my eyes hoping the nightmare would end.

Thankfully we ground to a halt and managed to escape in one piece.

We both got our excitement that night in more ways than one.

She never spoke to me for a few hours and I had to bribe her with some sort of expensive offer not to tell her Mum.

What a difference a few years makes, Friday night it was me screaming on the rides while she was laughing and wanting to go faster :p

She even made a video of me failing on the funhouse, check it out:

Thank god she wasn’t scarred for life :p

Our Friday nights are always about fun, a date with excitement and a break from the norm.

Not sure what to do tonight, we might go climbing, trampolining, play lazer quest who knows but I can guarantee it will be fun 😉

Make sure you set aside some time for YOU to have fun too 😉

Robert “Fun Time” Clarkson