It’s Friday time to kick back and relax, enjoy the weekend ahead and have FUN.

Today I’m talking about mobile phones, something most of us have and probably don’t think about too much in regards to our health.

So whats so wrong with our mobiles?

Watch the video below.


Before we start making popcorn lets think about what’s happening to our brains or our children’s brains?

Mobile phones have been widely linked to infertility, due to men keeping them next to their family jewels.

There are also links to cancer, degenerative disease and child development problems.

Im not saying lets never use our mobiles again and live in the dark ages, but like everything moderation comes into play.

Do you have kids? Grandchildren?

Do they use mobile phones?

My own daughter has her own mobile, and its practically glued to her hands.

Apart from the health risks the biggest problem for me is the ANTI-SOCIAL aspect.

Walk into any public place, all you see is people on their phones.

We have stopped communicating face to face, we hide behind text and instant messaging.

My own Mum even sent me a text from the kitchen to the living room to ask if I wanted a cup of tea? And is now on Facebook (story on that laters).

Im sure we can all relate to some of this within our own families.

I might be showing my age, but I remember back in the day before mobile phones.

No Facebook or Twitter to tell everyone what you had for dinner, or post pointless information to people you don’t even like.

Am I saying lets ditch our mobiles and go back to using pigeons?

No far from it, but I am saying can we limit and use less?

Can YOU even have a night off from your mobile?

Being constantly available is stressful, it doesn’t allow you to switch off and relax.

Ive made Friday night a PHONE FREE night, guess what?

More quality time with the people I care about, and time for ME.

Ill be honest it wasn’t easy at first, I actually felt a little lost, cut off and that I was going to miss something.

Change can be difficult, it’s not the norm so we feel uncertain and unsure.

It’s now been over a month since I decided to lose my phone, and I’m loving it.

Im more relaxed, my relationships have improved, and I realise I’m not missing anything.

So can you cut the cord to your phone?

Even for a short time?

You might even start to enjoy it 😉

Have a great weekend

Robert “UNAVAILABLE” Clarkson