When was the last time you pissed yourself laughing?
Or cried actual tears?
Or spat your food or drink out which just made you laugh even more?
Laughing is so amazing and infectious.
The last time I laughed so hard was while on a recent trip to visit my best mate.
Catching up over a beer while waiting on the food and the story begins…
A few weeks previous he had been out for some food and drinks.
They went to some wild west wing bar in Landan town.
So the place does the hottest chicken wings known to man.
I know you are already thinking yeah yeah whatever but stay with me…
One of the boys makes a bet for £50 that my mate can’t complete the hot wing challenge.
My mate loves hot food so obviously he is thinking £50 bucks is like taking candy from a baby.
They order the wing challenge and decide to share them between 2.
First up they have to sign a death waiver.
What the fuck?
Nager Viper Chillies are 40 times the strength of a scotch bonnet.
Next up the siren and flashing lights go off and the waiter delivers the plate wearing industrial rubber gloves.
By now I would have realised that there is maybe a reason only a handful of people have EVER completed the challenge.
Nope he signs the death waiver and proceeds to tuck into the most potent chicken wings on the planet.
What happened next he describes as the most unpleasant experience ever.
Why is it we find other peoples misery so funny?
Especially those closest to us ha ha
He managed 2 and felt like he had swallowed some sort of alien trying to break out.
He started hallucinating with the pain and had to go to the little boys room.
My other mate Paul went to the toilet and stripped off naked to cool down.
Both of them where in the toilet for over an hour hallucinating and on the pan.
It took him about an hour to tell the story as I couldn’t stop laughing.
Tears streaming down my face, my beer spat out everywhere.
There was even a video of it, could easily be a you’ve been framed hit.
I just love laughing like that, the full night just non stop fun, laughter, smiles and banter.
We normally say everything in moderation…
Laughter being the exception, you can never laugh too much.
So this week do something fun, hangout with people who make you laugh.
Laughing helps to eliminate stress, prevent ageing and fights negative thinking.
So go laugh until you cry, until it hurts and then laugh some more 😉
Robert “LOL” Clarkson