First things first YEP I had the Galaxy and then some, my bad day has turned into a bad week.

Yep I went and slashed the other 3 tyres, although Im not overly worried.

You see this has been a crazy week, Ive GROWN and STRUGGLED.

It all started with the weekend, I signed up for a course with a guy who charges £25,000 a week for personal training.

Yep and he made £15,000 over the weekend for 2 days work, not bad if you can get it.

The course was based around COACHING, and how we use our MIND to think, it has blown me away.

Have you ever seen the film the Matrix?

At the start the main character is given the choice of a red or blue pill.

 “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Well I feel like I took the red pill and my whole outlook on EVERYTHING has changed, I am struggling with my thoughts and am literally out of MY MIND.

Im reading this back and its sounding a little dark, but I am actually feeling awesome because Im starting to understand my WHY.

Before we can grow there has to be a struggle, and pain, its part of the process of becoming stronger.

What we think we want is not always what we REALLY want.

Some of us want to lose weight as we think it will make us happy, but what happens when we get to that figure in our heads? The magic number we tell ourselves?

Will we be happy?

What if we started to think about results by how we feel?

Do I feel better?

Do I feel energetic?

Do I feel sexier?

Do I feel happier?

Do I feel in control?

What was really interesting was that we all have the answers and the ability to change our feelings INSTANTLY, although sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

We know the stuff that makes us happy, what we enjoy doing?

So why not do more of what we enjoy and less of what we don’t?

Here is the secret, there is not a one size fits all answer WE ARE ALL UNIQUE.

So Im going to share my recipe with you guys, a recipe to make ME happier.

  • Spend more quality time with my family / less time with people who don’t matter
  • Spend more quality time with my real friends.
  • Work less / leave work at work
  • Get out more
  • Travel more each year (ski holiday / sun holiday / weekends away)
  • Help more people
  • Read more
  • Go to more gigs (1D & Little Mix tickets booked)
  • Talk to my best mate more
  • Go out for dinner more
  • Go to the cinema every week
  • Go climbing
  • Coach football
  • Take my classes
  • Galaxy Caramel (JOKES)
Thats my rough recipe for happiness, with nothing in there about healthy eating or going to the gym?
Yep I will continue to eat healthy and workout but thats not what makes ME happy.
Its not what drives me or defines ME, but…
By working on my health and fitness it will allow me to do ALL the things that make ME happy.
It will give me the energy, the time and the skills to continue to do every single thing that is important to me and the people in my life.
Do I want to say to my little girl “sorry we can’t go climbing or skiing this week Daddy is too tired, unfit or fat?”
So REMEMBER whats important to YOU, its not the numbers on the scales that count its YOUR feelings and YOUR REASON WHY?
Work out your own recipe that makes you HAPPY fire up your kitchen and start cooking 😉
Hopefully now you see why Im not concerned with a bad day / week, because my recipe NEVER changes, I just sometimes forget the shopping 😉