So whats so HOT your asking?

Well yesterday I attended my first ever session of HOT yoga… It was horrible, I couldn’t breathe, felt faint and almost passed out.

Half way through I was already talking myself out ever coming back, I kept thinking how long left till this is over?

The session was mobbed honestly must have been about 30 people there, total silence and I kept waiting for someone to let one rip.

But… After the session after a very cold shower guess what?

I felt amazing and was so glad I’d persevered and done the session, you see the reason for going is my flexibility is SHIT, and the only way to improve it is to be out my comfort zone (thats where the magic happens).

I can barely touch my toes and scratch my back at times no joke, the thing is the HOT yoga is not fun, I know I’m never going to enjoy it but… I want the benefits that come from DOING it.

My point is this most of us don’t like making sacrifices, we wan’t to eat what we want, do what we want, have fun and look and feel awesome at the same time.

Yeah exercise can be daunting, scary and uncomfortable but what if you could be in an environment where its fun and supportive at the same time?

You may still get sore, may feel uncomfortable doing the exercises but… You will be laughing, having fun and getting the benefit of looking and feeling better.

Too good to be true? Check out our Reactive Training camp videos and see for yourself. FUN FUN FUN

The first obstacle for me starting the YOGA was actually signing up in the first place, but my desire for the end result far outweighed any doubts. I WANT TO BE MORE FLEXIBLE

Next obstacle was actually being consistent and sticking to the programme, YES I wan’t to give up but… IM GOING TO STICK IT OUT, because I want to be more FLEXIBLE.

If you want to lose weight, look and feel your best then START today I guarantee YOU will won’t regret it.

REMEMBER why you started? You want to feel a certain way? You want to look a certain way? There will be many obstacles along the journey but the key to success is starting and sustaining.


So… Keep your EYE on the PRIZE, Start and Sustain keep working away and success won’t seem as far away.

Robert “Yogi” Clarkson

P.S. Got a great story about my new Turkish barber and paying for a QUALITY service, fill you in next blog 🙂