Im sure most of you have seen the movie where Bill Murray wakes up every morning and its still the same day, over and over again.

For some our life can start to feel a bit like this especially our working week, get up go to work, home, sleep, repeat or as I like to call it same shit different day.

I spoke about stress in your last email, and work can be 1 of the biggest stressors in YOUR life.

We work for most of our lives, paying a pension or savings so that when we are old we can go enjoy life.

It just doesn’t make sense, for most its a huge gamble and they don’t have the health to fully enjoy not working.

Can we not try to enjoy each day and stop living for the weekends?

Why are we always living in the future or the past? (think about it)

Finding the work life balance can be difficult and we tend to put the ones we really care about on hold, when the truth is most employers don’t care about us.

There is more to life than work and ill be sharing my own story soon about a difficult time Ive recently had with work.

In the meantime ask yourself what are you working for?

Im not suggesting you quit your job (unless you really want to lol), I’m asking are you living to work or working to live?

Today might be GROUND HOG DAY but tomorrow doesn’t have to be 😉

Robert “working to live” Clarkson