We Go Together like shamalamalama di dinky idy dinky donk…

So yes I had a nice weekend, didn’t  go skiing or climbing or anything like that but spent some good quality time with my dad and sister (watching Grease hence the intro)  and visiting mummy bear in hospital 😀

She’s home now, thank god, poor woman was going off her head in there…so much so she started to clean up after the other patients and filling up their glasses of water for them!

The only thing my mother really wanted while she was in the hospital was a good auld bowl of homemade soup!! My mum has created great habits for herself in terms of nutrition that even when shes poorly and in hospital shes craving HEALTHY nutritious foods!!

I was explaining to my Tough Mothers yesterday (which by the way was an awesome first session), that becoming unhealthy didn’t happen overnight and neither did you all of a sudden start eating everything in one day everyday…

It took a long time to create those bad habits so inevitably it will take some time to create and stick to the good habits.

But the key is to start creating the good habits, bit by bit and they will all piece together.

So that like my mum you make good choices on food and drink even when your poorly.

I hadn’t changed anything in my nutrition until i started the Personal Training with Reactive.
I had to use a food diary for over 2 weeks…my diet was terrible!!
It took me a about 4 weeks to start making changes.
No sugar in the coffee
No more beans on toast with a block of cheese grated on top.
Drink more water…
Small changes make big differences… 😀
So yeah, Tough Mothers has had its first class… what a bunch of gals we had! Boxing like pros 🙂
There was a lot of laughter and gossiping but most of all a lot of HARD WORK!!
Looking forward to seeing them all again next week for another blast…what shall i plan to do? muhahahahah
There are still spaces available for Tough Mothers for all mums/grans/aunties/sisters/cousins  to join…
Drop me an email if you have any questions or are interested in joining maria@reactivetraining.co.uk
Righty ho…i’m outta here…i will be back next week…stay tuned for more 😀
Maria x