knock knock…

who’s there?


arfur who?

arfur got.

So this is just one of the jokes my girls have came up with over the last week, not bad, although most of their jokes are about smelly bare bums and stinky feet. Kids eh?

Anyhoo, was watching a bit of that programme Secret Eaters, you might have seen it. Its about two people who have no idea why they gained so much weight and claim to have pretty decent healthy diets.

They are then watched for a week or something on film to see what they are really like.

You can guess the outcome.

They were consuming the recommended daily allowance of calories in ONE meal!

And they often don’t realise that they eat that much.

They were shown every last biscuit and cracker and drink they had and all the calories added up.

Horrifying the long term effects it will have on the whole body.

But anyway the show goes on and they are given the healthy plan and exercise regime, and what a difference after just a few weeks!!!

I used to be a secret eater.

I thought what I ate was pretty healthy.

I also didn’t think I ate too much.

I ate until I was full.

I had a huge stomach.

Then Robert hits out with a FOOD DIARY.

What do I need that for?

Well wasn’t I in for a shock.

I used to say “yeah I eat loads of veg and good meat and mostly homemade meals, drink loads of water too”.

And yes I did eat all that, but with added crackers and cheese with a pint of milk before bed nearly every night, and a few biscuits with my coffee which had the 3 sugars in it.

Not to mention loaf after loaf of white warburtons toastie loaf with cheesy beans!

I then had an excuse. “Ive just had a baby, give me a break” This only really works when baby is a baby, like 1month old maybe at the most? Not 7 months!

Thats when I began my journey, I completed the food diary, I was given a severe kick up the bum and here I am.

Nearly 2 years later and I sometimes still struggle with my nutrition.

But I’m true to myself about what I eat.

I don’t run off and start feeling sorry for myself (and eat more crap to comfort me).

I struggle, I get a grip and I get on with it.

Be honest about your diet and nutrition and health.

No point hiding it.

Its only gonna make things worse.

Let people see that you are struggling and let them help.

Ask for help.

You don’t ask you don’t get.

Day 9 of the Reactive 28 Day Challenge!!! We Can Do This!!!

Maria “Midnight Muncher” Campbell