I just canny be bothered….

Do you ever just feel like you cannot be arsed to do anything?

You have a list of things to do and you get yourself all prepped and ready to tick off the list as quickly as possible and then you wake up the next day and just don’t have an ounce of energy in your body?

I too feel like this sometimes, and especially these last two weeks.

You’d think the kids being off school and nursery would have me feeling like I have more time and freedom to get things done without the school run in the morning.

But it seems to have been the opposite.

Every morning I have woke up feeling like shit, like I have no energy and as if I had slept on a bed of broken glass.

Not managing to complete one task that I had set myself out to do and feeling like I had been rushed off my feet the whole day.

To make it worse I was using my non-productive days as an excuse to eat crap.

Ice-cream, chocolate bars, chips, white stodgy bread, fizzy drinks and DOUGHNUTS!!

Or was it because of my poor diet that my days were wasted??

Its like a vicious cycle. Eat shit, feel like shit, look like shit, waste your day moaning about the fact you feel like shit, don’t get anything done, feel like shit, eat shit………..

On top of all this I have been a right moody cow.

Really stroppy and not had a nice word to say to anybody.

This isn’t an attractive look for me.

I had family visiting at the weekend and I hardly spent any time with them because I was too busy whinging at myself for being a lazy fat slob.

I just couldn’t be bothered with being nice!

So what do I do??

Well first of all, I sort out the diet!

Get rid of all the crap I have in the kitchen, and yes that means putting it in the bin!!

So what if its a waste of money, Id rather waste money than my health.

Drink more water, a few bottles a day.

Take My Vitamins!!!

Taking vitamins when your diet is poor is a must!!

And then Il get back to the training.

Biggest change in health comes from nutrition.

No point saying to yourself “oh I’m going to go running 3 times a week” You can’t outrun a bad diet.

The other thing to help reignite the fire is to ASK FOR HELP!!

Im always one for running from my problems and trying to deal with things on my own, or I give in to people and let things take over me.

But if I just ask for a bit of help with things that are needing done then they will get done.

You need people around you that are willing to support you and will understand how your feeling and what you need.

All this together with a couple of training sessions added in I will be better person.

Yes there will be somewhere down the line were I will hit a low again and be eating crap but that next time I will be more prepared in terms of getting back on track quicker.

I will have those people who support me around to help and I won’t be in such a mess of trying to manage everything at once!

Don’t Let It Get You Down.

Speak up and ask for help.

Don’t be afraid of Help!!

We are only human you know 🙂

Maria “Stroppy Teenager” Campbell


P.S Il let you know how I’m coping with everything next week 🙂

P.P.S We are opening up spaces for our new early and late morning training camps, if you really want help to get back on track then get in touch.