I absolutely love my Reactive family.

Nothing better than seeing their faces when they get awesome results, like a kid at xmas.

Or seeing them grow stronger and more confident as they improve each week.

I defo feel proud and makes all the hard work worth while.

But NOTHING has touched me as much as something that happened last week.

Jan from the evening class sent me a message saying she had a surprise for me.

You all know how I hate surprises.

Im thinking it’s gonna be something funny like a wig or a comb for my balding hair :p

You will just have to wait and see she says.

So I go along to the Saturday class to say hello to everyone.

Had actually forgot all about the surprise.

Everyone is running about playing handball or more like murder ball when I get there.

Elbows and knees flying everywhere and that was just the staff lol (uber competitive).

Session finishes and I was catching up with everyone saying hello, finding out the goss as you do.

And Jan and her sidekick Kirsten are super excited.

Giggling like teenagers do you want your surprise?

By now im really thinking it’s a shit in a can the way they are laughing.


Couldn’t have been more wrong…

It was 2 tickets to go and see 1 Direction this Saturday at the Big Weekend BOOM

Now some of you are probably laughing but here is the thing.

The girls had listened to me weeks earlier having a moan that I couldn’t get tickets for my Daughter.

She is 11 and let’s just say has a bit of a thing for 1D (come to mention it boys) at the moment.

They had worked out that they had 2 spare tickets and thought of me & Kacey.

I was as happy as a fat kid eating cake :p

Seriously I was touched and it reinforced how special Reactive Training is.

The look on my daughters face when I showed her the tickets…


Im still emotional at the thought, really humbled and proud at the same time.

That not only can I help people to achieve their goals but that they are my friends.

Before setting up Reactive I joined a few bootcamps and classes as market research 1 in particular was expensive.

Was over £200 so must be amazing, but when I turned up no one even knew who I was?

The coaching and info was ok but there was no real connection, just another number and left to fend for yourself.

It made me even more determined to create something that offered more.

Not just another class, keep fit club or a gym.

Instead a family where everyone looks out for each other.

We know every single client in both training camps by first name.

We care about your results just as much as you, we support and encourage no matter your start point.

Experienced members give tips and advice to the new members.

We socialise and have days and nights out.

Birthday presents and special occasions.

The kind of things you do for friends and family.

As our business grows we will continue to follow these core principles.

Thanks once again to Jan & Kirsteen not only for the tickets but for…

Reminding me how amazing and kind we can be.

Robert “Best Surprise Ever” Clarkson

P.S. Want to find out more and catch up for a coffee? just reply ill even pick up the tab 😉