They say honesty is the best policy, well not always.

They say never make the same mistake twice, I should have listened 🙁

How cute are me and my bro 😉

Franny my mother always used to spoil us and buy us mostly everything but she especially liked to buy us a surprise.

Don’t know about you but I hate surprises. (although just got the best surprise ever on Saturday)

She would always buy us something that was really close to what we wanted but not quite it…

Nintendo instead of Sega

BMX instead of a Chopper

Jumper in the wrong colour (I hate RED)

The wrong trainers

Wrong aftershave

The thing is it wasn’t the cheaper option she bought it was normally the more expensive choice.

Each and every time she could tell by my face I wasn’t happy.

I wasn’t ungrateful I had just hoped for the total opposite of what I got, and most of the time it was a total waste as I wouldn’t wear it.

It would always cause a major fight, YOUR AN UNGRATEFUL WEE SHIT (my mother is actually more expletive than that but you get the picture)

You think I would have learned and pretended to be happy lol

These days we don’t get surprises and she always asks first, only took 30+ years mmmm maybe honesty is the best policy ha ha

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we don’t have that we really don’t appreciate what we do.

When we are feeling shit about ourselves it can consume us, effect every aspect of our life and even those around us.

It’s important to sort ourselves out mentally before we even consider the physical side.

You have to learn to love yourself or you will never reach your potential.

Today’s task is about remembering what’s good in our life, what we are grateful for.

What you need:

Pen & Paper

We are going to keep a gratitude log and use it every night (important to remind ourselves every day).

Before going to bed write 3 things down that your grateful for.

Also write 3 things that was great about your day.

It can be anything and everything the important part is actually doing it.

You might find it difficult so Ill give you my example:

1. My Family
2. My Health
3. Reactive Training (yep I love you guys)

1. I spent time with my Daughter
2. I completed my steps
3. I bought new trainers (picked them myself) :p

It can be absolutely anything that you have enjoyed or liked about your day.

When you start to reflect on whats good in your life then suddenly the not so good doesn’t seem as bad, start to look at the glass half full.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel…

YOU are an amazing person and in control of YOUR destiny 😉

Robert “Feeling Grateful” Clarkson