Just back from an awesome weekend in Portugal at probably the most exclusive fitness event in Europe.

 Tell you more about that laters.

 It certainly was not average.

 Did you know the average person does not see them self as average.

 Most students see them self as more intelligent than others.

 Most business managers think they are more competent than the average business manager.

 90% of motorists consider themselves to be safer than average drivers (100% of woman lol)

 94% of college lecturers consider themselves to be better than average teachers (explains a lot about some of my colleagues)

 Ironically this bias also causes us to see ourselves as more athletic, organised, ethical, logical, interesting, HEALTHY, HAPPIER and MORE ATTRACTIVE than the average person.

 Now I’m not saying we are all boring, unhealthy, disorganised, unhappy munters.

 But we are all telling ourselves a distorted version of reality.

 Especially when it comes to health, we convince ourself that it’s not that bad…

 It could be worse!!!

 I’m happy with how I look!!!

 I feel great!!!

 Im not that unhealthy compared to…

 Just being overweight can massively increase the chances of:

You don’t want to wait until health problems impact on you and your families quality of life.

Stop running from the truth and instead start chasing health…

“What we fear most is usually what we most need to do.”

The thought of joining Reactive Training terrifies the life out you I get it.
The truth is the thought of NOT joining should terrify you even more.
But what if I can’t do it? YOU CAN
What if I don’t like it? YOU WILL
What if I give up? YOU WONT

Quick go grab a pen and paper.
Got it?

Write down the answers to the following:

What is the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you are considering?
What would be the benefits, temporary and permanent?
What is it costing you financially, emotionally, and physically NOT DOING it?
What are you waiting for?
“What we fear most is usually what we most need to do”
Robert “balder than your average” Clarkson