You know how much I hate surprises but I love this…

Did you watch Britain’s Got Talent?

It’s a hit and a miss each week, from crazy singers, comedians and dancers to some weird magicians you just never know whats coming next.

There is also more enjoyment in watching the shit performers than the good ones ha ha

I honestly don’t watch much TV but this was unbelievable, Paddy & Nico take the stage you see Simon looking bewildered.

Paddy is 79 years old thats older than my Gran who has two hip replacements and walks with a stick.

Nico her partner is 40 years younger, Simon asks the question everyone is thinking…

Are you’s together?

Ha ha thankfully its a NO and they are just dance partners.

So the music starts and its like a ballroom tea party, reminded me of learning the traditional dances at school = BORING

Simon obviously thinking the same as me presses his buzzer to eliminate them, so impatient ha ha

Then the magic happens…

The music changes and they start this crazy acrobatic salsa routine.

Ive never seen anything like it in my life, he throws her about like an empty tracksuit.

Over his head, through the legs, spinning around his body it’s amazing and hilarious.

If it was someone younger it would be a great routine but because of her age its just unbelievable.

You need to check it out:

Honestly Ive watched it again and again and still cant stop laughing.

Amanda presses the golden button and puts them straight through to the finals.

The crowd go wild and they get a standing ovation, needless to say Simon is speechless.

It also made me think that when I’m in my 70’s I still want to be able to amaze and rock just like Paddy.

Jeez she only took up dancing in her 60s so there is still hope for me yet.

Seriously watch the video and if your not impressed or not laughing then you need help :p

It’s never too late to start anything, never too late to learn a new hobby or new skill.

The only thing stopping YOU is YOU.

Is there something you have always wanted to try?

Something you have always wanted to learn?


Go search it up on google, make the enquiry and give it a go.

If its good enough for Paddy it’s good enough for YOU.

Robert “Feeling Inspired By A 79 Year Old” Clarkson

P.S. How much do you LOVE yourself?