Who is the best personal trainer in Glasgow?

What dictates being the best?

Rolls Royce, Rolex, Apple what do they all have in common with my new Turkish barber?

Quality, yep you only ever get what you pay for and somethings are worth paying that little bit extra for.

Have you ever experienced Apple’s customer service?

They make you feel like you are their best customer, nothing is trivial and they go out of their way to make sure you feel awesome.

Whats this got to do with my NEW barber?

Only last week I went to my regular barber for my monthly chop, (its within walking distance and easy).

Ive been going for over a year and the end result is pretty much the same.

Or is it? My regular (ex barber) would get out the clippers give me a quick once over and some shit chat.

Hows work? blah blah blah within 20mins done and dusted and out the door.

Those that know me know that Ive not got much hair to start…

But every now and again I get the notion of growing my hair??? (aka kind of comb over)

I normally try to keep the length in the winter but…

After my experience with the HOT yoga I made a decision to go get it all chopped off.

Honestly it was that hot I was ready to just shave it all off myself for the next class.

So by chance while I was picking up my jeans from the tailors (lost some more weight)

I see a sign for the Turkish barbers and thought what the heck kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

So I go in and straight away the barber couldn’t do enough, sits me down and I tell him to shave it all off.

Now normally this would be an easy 2min job get the clippers out and whooosh all gone,

Except he was a professional took pride in his job, could tell he loved it.

Honestly for the next 30 mins he was like Edward Scissor hands total precision,

Then out with the open razor every little detail done…

Then NO JOKE he gets some sort of stick with fire on it and proceeds to tidy up all the little hairs that shouldn’t be there,

Im a bit worried my eyebrows are gonna go up in flames but nope splendid job 🙂

Thats not all, he then asks do I want a shave?

Im so impressed with the haircut I figure what the heck.

Honestly best shave Ive had, skin was looking and feeling like a baby’s and I was chuffed with the whole experience.

You see I wasn’t looking for a new barber I thought I was happy with my current barber.

But you get what you pay for and if you pay peanuts guess what? You get monkeys.

My point is, if you want to look and feel your best then you have to invest in yourself.

Most people think nothing of spending a small fortune on a night out but…

When it comes to fitness want the cheapest option in town.

Cheapest and QUALITY just doesn’t go together.

So when your thinking about fitness and taking classes, or personal training do your homework.

Ask around who gets amazing results, get recommendations and INVEST.

The best programme for you will be the one you stick AND the best money YOU will ever spend.

Can you really put a price on looking and feeling better?


P.S. We will be opening up some limited spaces for our Reactive Training Camp and personal training starting in March.