Rest & Recover Check In

  • Fill in as much as you can, the more info the better 🙂
    *Step 1 is showing up, 3 midweek sessions should be the minimum during a normal week with no other commitments.
  • Family stuff, work hectic, lost your mojo?
  • Family stuff, work hectic, lost your mojo?
  • Did you find it easy? Tough? How did you feel?
  • Include everything else that's not the habit, like planning, attendance, posting in the group etc...
  • Pop your thoughts in here, anything that’s annoying you? Do you need any help with anything? Just want a little rant?
  • Did you have more energy? Enjoy your workouts more than usual? Fit into something you haven’t for a while? Not drank as much wine as normal at the weekend? Felt more motivated? Celebrate whatever made you feel good this week here: So I can high five you at class :p