So I never won the Euromillions bah humbug.

But I am still planning to be rich beyond my wildest dreams and show you how 😉

Living like a millionaire requires DOING interesting things not just owning enviable things.

YOU are in control of your own destiny 😉

I recommend reading The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris from which I’ve taken a few ideas…

I was telling my friend at the weekend that if you read 1 book a week for a year you will be an expert within your field…

His reply was “That would be really hard”

LOL that’s why we are not all experts I replied 😉

Let’s talk about DREAMLINES they are kind of like really extreme goals, DREAMS to be exact.

That Ferrari

Round The World Trip

Fluent in Spanish

Personal Training for That Dream Body 😉

Remember your homework?

You give yourself a 6 or 12 month timeline to achieve some or all of your DREAMS.

All it takes is a little reading and some research to achieve.

REMEMBER it’s ALL about the EXPERIENCE let me explain 😉 will lease you a Ferrari 430 Spider for £1095 for the working week.

Personally I am going for the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder before the end of the year at £1395 for the week, my clients for the week will be going a spin 😉

Imagine turning up to work and parking beside your arsehole of a boss in your supercar?

Now that’s an experience I fricking cant wait to do 😉

Next up its our Round The World Trip with Virgin Atlantic calling at India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, LA, Vegas, NY & London…

For only £1399 or you can chose less destinations and spend a bit more time at each.

If you stay off the tourist routes you could really experience the millionaire lifestyle,

Example from the book would be flights to Argentina from FREE air-miles by using credit cards for your monthly outgoings (then paying off) or £415 from 😉

Penthouse Apartment in Buenos Aires, including cleaners, personal security, phone, energy and high speed internet for $550 U.S. Dollars per MONTH.

Add in 2 meals a day at 4 or 5 star restaurants for another $300 U.S. Per month

VIP table and unlimited champagne for eight people at the hottest club $150 or $18.75 per person 4 visits/month = $600 or $75 each.

Add in your 2 hours of daily private spanish lessons in Buenos Aires x5 per week $200 per month.

So for a total cost of £1200 with some extra added in for local travel and expenses you can live like a millionaire for a month while learning Spanish in Argentina.

Have I got your attention yet?

That dream body the stars pay thousands per week for can be yours for £1,188 with 4 sessions a week for a full year with Reactive training.

You can have a Ferrari for the week, a month in Buenos Aires learning spanish and living like the queen with the family or your own Personal Trainer for less than £100/month over 12 months.

Thats less than £3.50/day which works out less than a big gulp Starbucks 😉

Your 3 lottery dreams for homework?

Workout what they would cost to EXPERIENCE and you will be surprised 😉

I have already put my dreams into action (ill share along the way)

Robert “Champagne” Clarkson

P.S. Our FREE trial is now accepting applications for July visit to APPLY 😉