6 Week challenge

Application for the Reactive Training 6 Week Challenge
  • Your best email, we will use this email to send you updates about your application, please check your junk mail if you do not see a reply...
  • Your best number, before offering you a place I will give you a call to ensure you a ready to take part in the challenge...
  • Please let me know when would be the best time to call? If I am unable to get you on the phone after a few tries I will move on to the next applicant...
    All times include Saturday 09.00 Boxing Session. For the challenge it is not possible to mix and match times.
  • Please be specific, I want to know a little about you and why you will be a good fit for the challenge...
  • Please upload a picture of you in your training kit, guys can be topless or not... Stand with arms out and face on.
  • 6 week Challenge Terms & Conditions

    Everything about the challenge is designed for you to succeed, if you follow the rules and do exactly as required then I guarantee that you will lose at least 1lb a week minimum, that's almost 1/2 a stone which is around a dress / jean size...

    Most people will lose significantly more, and see their body shape totally transform.

    If succesful you will be asked to pay £149 deposit, this is our normal price for 6 weeks training and will be refunded at the end of the 6 weeks once you have completed the challenge, followed the rules and conditions (which are there to help you).

    If you are unsure I will chat to you on the phone about how it all works, please read our reviews, this is something we have done for seversl years with proven success and it weeds out any time wasters and those not willing to actually make the changes needed to get results.

    The conditions are outlined below and you must agree to be considered, if you're not sure of how to do something for example use myfitnesspal to track your calories we will show you how. I want you to get the best possible results that will be life changing so that we get the best review and you will want to stay on board. 

    The 6 week challenge is intense, it's not for everyone and most people may be better off starting with a regular membership just drop me an email robert@reactivetraining.co.uk if you would still like to get involved but feel you arent ready for the challenge just now. 

    In order to take part you must agree to all of the conditions, if you fail to meet any of the conditions you will lose your deposit which will be used to pay for the 6 weeks training:
    Please tick to agree that you understand about the refundable deposit and that you agree with the terms and conditions of the challenge: