Why is it as we get older our bodies start to change?

I mean it just starts to creep up on us, and before you know it’s like a different person staring back through the mirror.

I now have more hair growth on my ears than my head, whats that all about?

The thing is I was in denial I was going baldy, I just thought my friends and daughter where exaggerating.

It wasn’t until a few years back while doing a course for work I suddenly realised the truth.

I was down at Largs doing my coaching license which had to be filmed.

After the course they send you a DVD with the footage and feedback.

After waiting for weeks my DVD finally arrived, much to my dismay they had sent me the wrong DVD.

Yep some baldy guys footage had been mixed up with mine…

But WAIT!!!!

Stop the bus…

BOOM That baldy guy was me!!!

Am I really that follicly challenged?

Obviously looking in the mirror everyday I hadn’t noticed how bad it had actually got.

But looking at my self on film WOW.

It was my wakeup call, sudden realisation that I wasn’t going bald, I was already bald.

It reminded me of putting on weight and being fat.

It also creeped up on me and I hadn’t really noticed.

I had been working over in the US of A and obviously enjoying the bigger portions.

I knew I wasn’t in the best of shape but I wasn’t fat…

On my return and visiting my Mums she takes 1 look at me and says what happened?

You have fairly piled on the weight, your looking FAT.

Thanks Mum.

Mothers and kids are the most honest feedback you can get.

Should have listened to them calling me BALDY and FAT.

Thing is I was in denial, deep down I probably knew but just didn’t want to accept either of them.

Being bald is not the end of my world just a dent to my ego,

But being overweight seriously impacted on my health.

I was tired all the time, always unwell, had man boobs (not good for any guys confidence) and felt stuck.

What changed?

Admitting to myself and realising that I was overweight, not pretending I was happy with how I looked or how I felt.

It’s the first step to change, by accepting our shortcomings only then can we deal with them.

It took me a long time to crack the secrets of healthy weight loss,

Yep I tried every trick and supplement in the book.

I failed loads of times, over and over again.

But I learned from all of those failures so that now you don’t have to make those same mistakes.

Losing weight and feeling great does not have to be difficult, boring and mean being miserable.

What if it could be fun, challenging, educational, exciting and inspirational?

At Reactive Training we don’t just give you some exercise, its an education on how to become the best version of YOU.

Yep it sounds a little bit cheesy and too good to be true…

So ask any of our many success stories who have walked in your shoes 😉

What have you got to lose?

Robert “Baldy” Clarkson